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It’s never too late to give up smoking – whatever your age. Giving up drastically reduces the risk of a heart attack – within five years your risk is half that of a smokers and after ten years it is the same as a non-smokers.

There are other advantages too – you reduce your risk of lung cancer and lung diseases such as emphysema. You will be able to breather more easily, have a better sense of taste and smell, and generally feel much fitter. Not only that but your complexion will improve and you’ll have a lot more money in your pocket!

Top tips

The highest success rate is achieved when you have ONE to ONE support with a trained member of our pharmacy team.

Dealing with the urge to smoke can of course be difficult but there are some useful tips to getting through this:

- Wait until the craving passes – you may find the urge only lasts a few minutes
- Drink some water – helps avoid smoking and takes your mind of smoking
- Distract yourself – do not try and justify ‘just one cigarette’
- Remind yourself why you wanted to quit
- Avoid social situations where you would normally smoke until you are ready
- Watch out for signs of stress and try and diffuse them eg through a brisk walk, a chat with a friend
- Seek support from one of our trained advisors who will have lots of practical advice around managing your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure as you give up – as well as helping you monitor the positive results.

Whilst it is important that you have the willpower to give up smoking, along with the support we can supply nicotine replacement therapy often FREE of charge